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Zachariah and Brianna

Zachariah, known to many as "The Metal Messiah," knew that there was a lack for the client experience in the metal industry and even more lack of dedication to the quality of the final projects leaving metal shops. That is when he decided to open Rod and Forge. A place where he could work on his own creations but also help others bring metal art into their lives. Zachariah has said many times "A railing or piece of furniture should not just be functional it should be a statement, a focal point, and piece of art." So, when a client comes to Rod and Forge, Zachariah will make sure any piece leaving his shop is the highest of quality and a piece of art that will last a lifetime. Because of this, as well as, his passion, experience, and talent he has made pieces for many of the rich and famous and has become a desirable and renowned metal artist.

Zachariah, who was born in Colorado, has been fascinated with all kinds of metals from a very young age. He spent his entire life learning about metal and how to manipulate it. Zachariah graduated high school with multiple welding awards from the State, certified in traditional blacksmithing from one of the leading trade schools, as well as, AWS (American Welding Society) certified. In the decade following, Zachariah started his career by gaining experience at a variety of welding jobs including custom ornamental fabrication, a repair shop, and even a few oil field jobs. Over the years, Zachariah was lucky enough to be able to learn from multiple sought-after and notable mentors in the industry. But that wasn't enough, he wanted... no needed more, so he opened Rod and Forge.

Zachariah, lives in Colorado with his wife, son, and two dogs. His wife, Brianna, is co-owner of Rod and Forge, as well as, Zachariah’s' manager and helper, when needed. When Zachariah is not manipulating metal, he likes to spend time with his family, get inspiration from traveling and the great outdoors. He, even, likes to channel is creativity by perfecting gourmet meals and playing instruments. 

Our Mission

Rod and Forge provides superior and inventive custom metal art to our clients and community to help expand the minds of all who see it.

We exceed expectations in all aspects, because we go above and beyond every time to bring our clients visions to life.

Each piece receives the time and dedication it deserves to ensure the highest of quality of art.

To give back to our communities and industry. 

Our Vision

To lead the metal and art industry in design, quality, and innovation.

By giving the maximum amount of care, time, and attention needed to each project, we are able provide the highest of quality and aesthetically appealing product. 

To help others see the endless beauty and possiblities metal can create.

To give back to our communities and industry.

Zachariah and Brianna


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"A piece of furniture, a railing, should not just be functional it should be a statement, a focal piont, a piece of art."

                                             Zachariah Arias 

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